As a fishing guide in California, it's our job to know where to go - and when to go there. Not only that, but it is important that you get there in style. We provide a comfortable boat on which to travel, and our years of knowledge as a Northern California fishing guide, whether your day will be spent salmon fishing or carp shooting..all so you can experience catching the "Big One", and have memories to last forever - or at least until your next fishing or hunting expedition!

Salmon Fishing Guide in Northern California offering Exciting Guided Trips and trophy catches

Salmon fishing on the Sacramento, American, Feather and Delta rivers tends to get started in mid-July, with the official season opener taking place on July 16th on the lower Sacramento. Come August 1st, the upper Sacramento opens to a bit of salmon action, and your salmon fishing guide in California is all set to go.

In the early season, Chinook can be seen racing after Kwick fish. With intimate knowledge of the Kings' primary focus, our guides are able to predict their movement and meet them in the places they intend to frequent. What is interesting about our Sacramento salmon fishing season is that it just seems to keep getting better. By the end of the season, in the months of November and December, the biggest of salmon make their appearance on the scene. What this means for those who work with our skilled guides is the potential for catching that Trophy Fish they have been after.

Striper Fishing in California on the American - Feather - Bear - & Delta Rivers

Striper fishing on the American river, Feather, or Delta Rivers usually gets started in March and continues through May. Sacramento Striper fishing can be seen in abundance during this time, and provide ample action for the adventurous fisherman on our tour. To catch striper, your striper fishing guide in California may use several techniques, ranging from live to cut bait, rubber worming, fly fishing, or trolling. With such a well-rounded approach, we assure a good catch.

Shad Fishing in The Sacramento & American River

Shad are active little guys who can be found in our local rivers and lakes from early May to the end of June. Come early and stay late, because the sac shad fishing will give you plenty of action!

Sturgeon Fishing Guide in Northern California

Your sturgeon fishing guide in Sacramento is ready to get to it right after the New Year, as sturgeon fishing in Sacramento gets started in January each year. These fish stay active in our local waters through March, giving the avid fisherman a good fight, and loads of sports action. Many times, guided sturgeon fishing expeditions run overnight, starting in the late evening and going until the wee morning hours, keeping with the natural internal clock of our prey.

Guided Catfish Trips in Sutter, Yuba, and Sacramento Co.

Your Northern California catfish guide is able to take you to the coveted catfish, of which there are various species to hunt. This guide is also well-versed in the various ways to attract and catch these cat fish, which can be found in the Sacramento river, the Delta river, Englebright, and Clear Lake.

Most species of catfish are bottom feeders of some sort. This is good news for our fisherman because these fish will eat just about anything. With their strong sense of smell, they pick up loads of sources that seem like food, a sense which your cat fish guide will take advantage of.

Bowfishing Guide For California - Carp Shooting Trips

For our adventurous sportsmen who love to hunt in our local wildlife areas, bowfishing in Northern California is one way to extend even the best hunting season. Combining water skills and archery, bowfishing is a sport that is both exciting and challenging. Our excursions to Clear Lake are second to none.

Join us on your adventure as we travel through the Sacramento River, the Feather River, the Delta, the American and the Yuba. We also visit Clear Lake and Englebright for bowfishing, catfish, bass, rainbow and brown trout. As well as our skilled car ports and metal boat cover craftsmanship. Ask us about it! Remember that were skilled both on water and on land! When the fish have travelled to other waters, Northern California hunting provides plenty of outdoor sports action.

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