Catfish Trips

Catfish Fishing Guided Trips in California


Catfish Fishing in California is outstanding, as catfish are numerous and healthy. You can go catfish fishing in sloughs, and enjoy catfish fishing trips to a number of outstanding hot spots all throughout the northern portion of the state.

About the Catfish we Catch on our Trips

There are several species of catfish in California and there are several methods for catching them. Adult catfish can be less than a pound, although some come in at hundreds of pounds. They are found all throughout streams and rivers, as well as in ponds and lakes; some species even come onto dry land for short periods of time.


Channel Catfish can be caught almost all year, although catfish fishing trips are rare in extremely cold weather. The best time of year for catching channel cats is during either spring or fall, with summer coming in second. These fish eat crawfish and fish smaller than they are for the most part, and they also feed on moss. The largest channel cat recorded worldwide weighed in at 58 pounds, while the largest channel catfish caught in California came in at 52 pounds.

Flathead Catfish are the second largest and normally hide among submerged logs and around large structures. Our flathead catfish fishing trips normally happen after dark, when they’re most active. These are huge fish, with the world record flathead cat coming in at over 123 pounds, and the California record flathead catfish weighed in at almost 73 pounds – great incentive for catfish fishing in Northern California.


White Catfish are normally found in slow, meandering streams and canals, small rivers, and creeks; they’re often the target of catfish fishing in sloughs. Normally, their diet consists of fish, but they’ll also consume small crustaceans and aquatic plants. We often use live minnows and worms to catch these cats, and catfish fishing trips focusing on White catfish normally take place during daylight hours. The world and state record fish weighed in at 22 pounds.
Blue Catfish are found on major rivers as well as in impoundments fed by large tributaries. Their preferred prey include smaller fish, frogs, mollusks, crayfish, and even larger invertebrates. They tend to hide in dark spots and around structures, and are most effectively caught on bait that includes live shiners, cut bait, and stink baits. The world record for Blue Catfish is 143 pounds, and the largest catfish caught in California weighed in at 101 pounds.
With catfish fishing trips available almost all year round, you can enjoy catfish fishing in Northern California just about any time the need to fish strikes.

Aided by one of our experienced and knowledgeable catfish fishing guides, you’ll have the opportunity to catch some of the biggest fish out there. Whether you try catfish fishing at Clear Lake, or catfish fishing in sloughs, you are certain to enjoy an incredible and fun experience that you’ll never forget.

Contact us to discuss your goals and we’ll match you with a fishing guide who can get you to the places where the biggest, feistiest catfish hang out, giving you the opportunity to enjoy fishing at its very best.